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I am manjur alam autocad and graphic Designer. From my childhood I dreamed of being a great desighner. Many beautiful houses in the city will be build in my design. I was able to complete that work for the benefit of my older brother. When I moved abroad before finishing university life, I thought maybe my dream would never come true. But my older brother showed me the way. My brother this working in a Aluminum company Riyadh. He helps me for job designer of her company. Big brother thought me how to design everything in a pen. I like that we have done designs outside of many large buildings in many large buildings in many places in Saudi Arabia.

I learned to work hard and to win in life. We are dreamer boy. My dream information technology knowledge is to reach everyone from door to door. Sameotech work at every moment to deliverinformationto everyone. I don’t want a wall in the field of information technology. We are regularly published this website tech news, tech guide, tech tips, earn money, for traveler travel guide,s and other tech regular courses for everyone. Everyone can learn from here and make a bright future. If anyone wants to share his information technology experience here welcome.

First of all I have to say that my knowledge of web design is very low. So my actions may not be like many others. If you seen any mistake please comment we will revise this. If you have read this writing any problem please use Google Translate read your home country’s language. Yet I will try to share new information of technology to everyone. Please helps us our post are like comment and share so that we get encouragement to write more post.

Manjur Alam

Autocad designer

Graphic designer and WordPress developers

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